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The COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably disrupted many MCAT examinees. As such, the AAMC has provided more test dates to help students who have been affected by the cancellation due to COVID-19.

MCAT registration is now open for the updated 2020 MCAT Testing Calendar (May 29 – September 28). Do take note that the update is based on current information, as of 19 May 2020. The AAMC will provide further updates should circumstances change.

Here are the MCAT test dates for Singapore:

May29 May
June5 June, 19 June, 20 June, 27 June, 28 June
July7 July, 18 July, 22 July, 23 July, 31 July
August1 Aug, 7 Aug, 8 Aug, 13 Aug, 14 Aug, 15 Aug, 22 Aug, 27 Aug, 29 Aug
September3 Sep, 4 Sep, 5 Sep, 11 Sep, 12 Sep, 27 Sep, 28 Sep

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