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About the MCAT

What is the MCAT?

The Medical College Admission Test is a standardized, multiple choice exam administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) as part of the medical school admissions process.

Almost all medical schools in the United States and Canada, many in Australia and Duke-NUS in Singapore require applicants to submit recent MCAT scores as part of their application.

What does the MCAT test?

Please refer to our MCAT Guide for more information

What is a good score?

For each of the four multiple-choice test in the MCAT, the sections are scored out of a maximum of 132 on a scale with a minimum score of 118. The individual test scores are combined to create a total score that will range from 472 to 528.

A good MCAT score is 127 out of 132 in any one section, or 508 out of 528 for all four sections.

When can I take the MCAT?

There are fixed test dates for the MCAT. Candidates need to schedule their test in advance here. The test dates are as follow:

  • May 18,19, 24
  • June 16, 29, 30
  • July 7, 20, 21
  • August 3, 4, 18, 31
  • September 1, 8, 18, 19

All exams start at 8 a.m. and scores will be released 30-35 days after the exam date.

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