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Earlier today, AAMC published details regarding MCAT testing for 2021. There have been some changes for 2021, so if you are planning to take the MCAT this year, here’s what you need to know:

What changed in 2020?

As most of you might be aware, MCAT testing in 2020 was affected due to COVID-19, with a number of test dates cancelled in the first half of the year. AAMC did make changes to accommodate these test takers later in the year, by slotting in additional test dates.

Another significant change was the reduction in the duration of the test – total seated time was reduced from 7 hours 30 minutes to 5 hours 45 minutes. Plus they also added 3 start times for the test on each test date (though Singapore and a number of other countries continued to offer the usual 2 start times).

Though the overall test was shorter, they also reduced the number of questions by the same proportion, so you had the same amount of time per question.

What’s happening in 2021?

Based on feedback from examinees, prehealth advisors, and admissions officers, AAMC has updated their testing policies for 2021. These include:

  • The MCAT will return to its original format & duration for 2021 testing as of now. There will be 2 start times on each test date, and results will be reported 30-35 days after your test.
  • There will be 31 test dates between January and September 2021, including an additional test date in January to accommodate the testing rush leading up to application deadlines.
  • Please note though, AAMC has not yet released dates for International testing including Singapore, so we still need to wait & watch for those. We will keep a look out for these and upload a new post once we know the test dates for Singapore.
  • Registration for 2021 test dates will be staggered this time round, so you’ll need to wait to book a test date for later in the year.
    • November 10th, 12pm (US Eastern Time) – Registration opens for the January-March test dates. Pre-registration opens on November 2nd
    • February 2021 – Registration opens for the April-June test dates
    • May 2021 – Registration opens for the July-September test dates

There would be no rescheduling/cancellation fee charged for test dates from January-March 2021. This policy might or might not be extended for the remaining months of testing based on the prevailing situation.

So if you’re looking to take the test in 2021, do keep a lookout for the Singapore test dates.

We would suggest registering early, since we expect a surge in test takers in January leading up to the Duke-NUS application deadline on 31st January.

We’ll update the dates here as well once they’ve been announced, so make sure to check our blog regularly!

JanuaryJanuary 15, January 16, January 21, January 25
MarchMarch 13, March 26
AprilApril 10, April 23, April 30
MayMay 1, May 14, May 15, May 20, May 28
JuneJune 4, June 18, June 19, June 26, June 30
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