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Before the Stethoscope Episode 6

Life After Duke-NUS Residency and Beyond Going from Student to Specialist

The final episode of Before the Stethoscope, the new, six-part webinar series from Duke-NUS Medical School. This series is created specifically for prospective medical students looking to learn more about Duke-NUS, as well as Singapore, where the medical school is located.

In this episode, find out what life in Singapore is like for Duke-NUS students after they graduate. This webinar will also allow you to meet with Duke-NUS’s Associate Dean of Recruitment, Admissions & Financial Aid – Prof London Lucien Ooi. He will be there to answer any questions you might have.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to find out if Duke-NUS Medical School is the right fit for you!

Free to register & attend.

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Before the Stethoscope Episode 6

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Professor London Lucien Ooi

Associate Dean, Admissions, Recruitment & Financial Aid, Duke-NUS Medical School
Professor, Surgery ACP, SingHealth-Duke-NUS