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MD & PhD Medical Programmes

Duke-NUS Open House

Interested in pursuing medicine or research?

Duke-NUS’ upcoming Open House (August 5th, 2019) is the perfect chance to find out more about the school’s excellent medical programmes, such as the four-year MD programme, the four-year PhD programme in Integrated Biology and Medicine, Quantitative Biology and Medicine, and the seven-year combined MD-PhD programme.

Additionally, this open house will also allow you to meet with Duke-NUS’s deans – Prof London Lucien Ooi, and A/Prof Silke Vogel. They will be there to answer any questions you might have about the programmes’ details, as well as the application processes and requirements.

What’s more, there will be a surgical showcase to give attendees a taste of medical life! This showcase will feature an inflatable operating theatre demonstration that promises to be as entertaining as it is informative.

Students from all disciplines are welcome, particularly those preparing for the GAMSAT/MCAT/GRE and interested in pursuing medicine as a second degree or biomedical/bioinformatics/biostatistics research.


  • 2:30pm: Overview of the Duke-NUS MD programme
  • 3:30pm: Overview of the Duke-NUS PhD programme
  • 4:15pm: Surgical Showcase
  • 4:45pm: Refreshments
  • 5:00pm: Duke-NUS Students sharing

About Duke-NUS

Duke-NUS is Singapore’s first and only US-style graduate medical school; a partnership between Duke University School of Medicine and the National University of Singapore (NUS). Drawing on the rich medical and research training at Duke and outstanding resources at NUS, Duke-NUS prepares doctors, scientists and clinician-scientists to practice and improve the practice of medicine through the MD Programme, PhD Programmes and MDPhD track.

The academic medicine partnership that Duke-NUS Medical School has with SingHealth, Singapore’s largest healthcare group, and the School’s strategic location within the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) campus, provides students with a wealth of resources to aid in their academic pursuits. The MD Programme in particular aims to groom future “Clinicians Plus” – graduates who can transform the practice of medicine as leaders, innovators, scientists, scholars and educators.

Duke-NUS offers close mentorship from faculty members, strong support from alumni, seniors, and peers, and scholarships and bursaries available to students of all nationalities. Successful students will graduate with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or PhD degree that is jointly awarded by two world-class institutions, Duke University and NUS.