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Duke-NUS 2021 Admissions & MCAT

Prep Zone Academy is hosting an exclusive webinar with Duke-NUS Recruitment Manager of Admissions, Zach Goh, to discuss on COVID-19’s impact and the latest updates on MCAT and Duke-NUS 2021 medical school admissions.

If you are a working professional who is considering a career switch to Medicine during this trying time, join us in the next webinar.

Free to register & attend.

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Webinar Agenda

These following topics will be discussed during the webinar:

  • MCAT Test Format Changes & New MCAT Test Dates
  • COVID-19’s Impact On MCAT & Duke-NUS 2021 Applications
  • The Ideal Test Preparation & Duke-NUS Application Timeline
  • What Duke-NUS Admissions Committee Look Out For
  • Q & A Session

Event Detail

  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA


Zach Goh

Recruitment Manager of Admissions Department
Duke-NUS Medical School

Akshay Gupta

MCAT Senior Academic Consultant
Prep Zone Academy

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